Vision, Mission & Values


Cashless Healthcare aims to synthesise open source healthcare, which shall be easily crowd sourced by one and all to handle all kinds of physical and mental health seamlessly.


Cashless Healthcare shall assemble a collaborative healthcare ecosystem where all the healthcare resources are utilized to their optimum capacity. We want to empower the network of healthcare, promoting integration among professionals using ultimate technology.


Inclusion: We believe in incorporating all prospects of healthcare. Our aim is to connect them to each other to form an interconnected network of healthcare, which is efficient for the stakeholder all the way down to the patient.

Unorthodox: CLHC is an original concept where we aspire to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery. We are always finding out ways to improve the communication gap, which exists between all players in healthcare.

Transparency: Being genuine and transparent, both to ourselves and to our clients is of paramount importance. CLHC believes in full disclosure, all the trades happening on CLHC will have unbiased comprehensive information about the products/services on the platform.

Passion: CLHC and the colleagues have a desire and determination to improve the healthcare scenario in India. We are a group of passionate people who want to see a healthier India & the World.

Customer Service: CLHC is founded on providing excellent customer service, understanding and modifying our role suitable to each organization’s needs, always “being there” for our client. Our aim is to be a symbol of trust and commitment to our clients.

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